Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Britney spears ass. Stuff.

Britney spears ass. Many pictures...

britney spears assbritney spears assbritney spears assbritney spears assbritney spears ass
Thinkn What is Britney Spears? Shaving? she has completely lost? is acting as if GNA bottomed out at any time ... and these antics that is attracting attention are clearly a cry for help .......... why is not helping his mom out there? What is shaving her head completely bald? She has two young sons, who did not ask to be born, she brought to this life and now is absolutely disgraceful, not only them but their whole family. As a fan, I'm not ........ shes crazy and she is not acting as a mother in the form ... Express yourself it is in-need of a true friend to kick his *** and tell you he needs to get its act together, I think she doesn't have true friends, all you people who always want somthing of his ... .... all ..... Britney has problems, but damn you just keep Shocking and surprising .........
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